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lounge room

01 meetings with a twist

Completed in 2022

Size: 3500m2

Starting from a literally blank canvas, this organisation desired a refined multi-function space that could both host meetings and entertain clients. We envisaged a sophisticated lounge area that broke away from the standard ‘meeting-room-mould’ and was conducive to creativity and the informal sharing of ideas. 

The space was curated as a hybrid lounge with high functionality. Acoustic treatments were core to the design. Tactile Portuguese cork wall panelling adds texture and warmth, while being a practical acoustic material.

A cleverly concealed art shelf does double duty as both a display, and as a collaborative white wall to workshop, sketch and brainstorm ideas. Advanced technology allows multiple screens to function within the space, while being discreetly concealed when the space transitioned to an entertainment zone. Acoustic absorption is also provided by the soft linen curtains, which conceal a small kitchen.

The lounge is furnished with carefully curated designer furniture and materials which create a relaxed, residential ambience. These include the use of a Walter Knoll dining table converted into a boardroom table, with Muuto dining room chairs, along with uncommon boardroom features such as pendant lighting and sculptures. 

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