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modern kitchen

01 a cottage reborn

Completed in 2022

Size: 3500m2

From humble beginnings, this petite property embraces a new era of openness. 

A classic worker’s cottage, this property is typical for Sydney’s inner-west – long and narrow and, originally, small and dark. We answered the client’s brief with an open-plan layout and introduced new skylights and glass doors to create an open and bright ambience, while including cleverly designed contemporary storage that was integrated into the fabric of the building.

The attic space was converted into an elegant but compact master suite, which is accessed by a reconfigured stair, neatly allowing for some custom-designed joinery. At the same time, this conversion also allowed us to visually reconnect the interior to the garden. 

The master suite itself closes with a large sliding wall with feature hardware by Studio Tirar, who we also commissioned to create bespoke door handles in the kitchen. These handles effortlessly meld function and beauty, accentuating the natural appeal of the oak joinery. A carefully curated selected of furniture was selected from around the globe to complete a modern, effortless and utterly transformed home.

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