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modern paintings

01 poise, above the rooftops

Completed in 2022

Size: m2

Photography: Chris Warnes

This three-bedroom penthouse apartment in Sydney’s Erskinville is a model of restraint.

The clients are keen entertainers, who travel widely and found the original space too poky and limiting. We opened up the space to make it more free-flowing, and introduced an airy, chalky palette drawn from Australia’s special quality of light. Interiors now blend with exteriors both tonally and through the clever design pairing of complementary furniture that intelligently ‘meets’ rather than matches each other.

The carefully curated design is deceptively minimal, with thoughtful areas throughout to display prized possessions and art. Practical elements such as wine fridges are neatly concealed, allowing this residence to easily transform from calm retreat to entertainer – and back again.

Colour, when it appears, is muted and natural, from the rust-toned linen curtains and fine brass highlights through to the elegant, sage fluting in the master bedroom. Furniture choices have been drawn from both mid-century modern icons and new Australian classics.

The antithesis of city hustle, this residence exudes quiet confidence and is a serene haven above the hubbub in the streets below.

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