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luxury massage room

01 essentially extraordinary

Completed in 2022

Size: 3500m2

This project  was completed in collaboration with Linda Boronkay.

The brief called for ‘No ordinary spa experience’. Osborn House’s private boutique spa was, like the hotel, to be a very special experience that evoked an ambience from a previous era. Our design focus was very much on the curation of a delicate balance: globally sourced vintage pieces, the masterful restoration of existing character, and contemporary expressions of beautiful craftsmanship. 

Absent are clinical spa associations, and any thought of minimalism. Instead, this spa evokes a slower time, with the feel of a classic apothecary, as if from a film set.

While utterly luxurious, the emphasis here is on healing rather than simply indulging, for a feel-good experience that is the very definition of restorative bliss. 

We designed generously sized walk-in showers lined in handmade wall tiles, and treatment rooms curated with a restrained palette. Deep natural sea, forest and earth tones predominate, with brass-edged mirrors and tapware, and richly veined stone.

We also designed a special transition space for after treatments for clients to relax and take in the superb, uplifting garden views.

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